Here is a clip from the pilot episode of Frasier. This is one of the first interactions the audience sees between Frasier and his brother Niles. Niles has his own private psychiatric practice, while Frasier has given up the private practice and has instead started a radio show.

A question for you guys:

What subtext information is given in this simple interaction between the brothers?


Niles Experiments with Parenthood

Happy June 1st! This month, I’ll be focusing on season one of Frasier, but before delving into that, here’s a teaser…

Niles Crane (the younger brother) decides that it’s time he and his wife Maris have a child. In order to see if he is prepared for being a father, he decides to conduct an experiment and becomes care-taker to a sack of flour for a week.

A New Beginning

What do you get when you throw together — one recently divorced, ego-centric but lovable psychiatrist who has quit his private practice and moved back to his hometown of Seattle, Washington to be an on air radio psychiatrist; his younger, more neurotic, also psychiatrist brother; his down to earth, retired cop father who cannot live on his own anymore due to a hip injury; a wise-cracking producer; and a cooky, British health care worker….

The premise for the eleven season television show, Frasier.

The character of Frasier Crane was originally introduced in the popular  series Cheers. Frasier Crane was one of the regular ensemble characters of the series. After Kelsey Grammar(the actor who plays Frasier) left Cheers, the spin-off series Frasier premiered and was the most successful spin-off from Cheers.

“So, you’re going to blog about how much you like a tv show?”

Well, yes…and…no.


Stay with me.


This blog is an experiment, an experiment  in writing. It is not simply a place where I will gush about how much I love a particular show (although a certain amount of fan girl gushing will leak through), but it will be a place to really delve into what makes this show tick. What are the quirks, the hooks, the secrets of the writing behind this show? What is it about the characters that make people care so much about them? How was it that Frasier, a spin-off series, was able to be on the air for eleven years, win various awards, and  attract people from various walks of life?

These are some of the questions that I will explore through this blog.

My goal is to blog through all eleven seasons of Frasier in one year and see if I can find some answers. I will focus on one season a month for eleven months. The subjects of the posts will be varied: some will be strictly concerned with breaking down the elements of the show from a writing perspective, some will include biographical information on the actors, the characters…etc. Some, just fun moments within the show, and some, any thoughts or inspirations I’ve gathered from the episode(s) I just watched. I’m also up for taking requests. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered, a particular question about the show in general, or about the writing, send it to me and I’ll do my best to find an answer.

“So, what now?”

Well, just sit back, grab your favorite coffee-shop drink, and enjoy…Life with Frasier.

See you soon,